Thoughts Drift in Idle Wandering

Firefly Enchantment SLG

Art – Sharonlee


Thoughts Drift in Idle Wandering


Earthen path, where bare feet know no fear

tumbling sunlight warms the way…


In idle wander thoughts drift

along the leylines

ancients rhythms beat in ancient wisdom…


Soughing breeze caresses megalithic trees

standing sentinel to crumbling  cromlech

moss adorned stones and  capstone

form a portal tomb where time stands still…


Only sound moves … whispers of wind-wisdom

soft murmured tree-truisms

shuffle-dust of stirred Earth…


thoughts drift along the leylines

attuning to a vibration older than time itself

fundamental perception glides in ebb and flow

as millennia pass into obscurity…

… who will keep the words alive

and when all is said and done

who will listen?




The Whisper at the Edge of the World





The Whisper at the Edge of the World


Listen and you may hear it

a single whisper

on the breath of time


like butterfly dust

softer than a sigh…

… a simple word of wisdom for you and I


Listen to its melody

let it tickle on your tongue

feel it caress as it passes over your lips

imagine it growing to encompass this Earth

visualize both conception and rebirth…



Listen and you may hear it

a whisper at the edge of the world

so much power and passion in a single word

say it, mean it, live it, raise your voices to be heard

a billion single whispers joining as one…








Meditating in Earthy Auras

ButterflyBlue 02

Photo – Sharonlee


Meditating in Earthy Auras


opaque images…


melting with ecstasy

into azure emotions…

sky blue dirty dancing

with virgin white innocence

music moves to an obscure

cadence that caresses

the edges of time…

doesn’t anyone hear

the ancient song on the wind?


aromas drift in earthy traces

organic matter

blends in merging mixtures

of humus


….moist earth

wild flower fragrance – fusions

honeyed layers of

efflorescent anthesis

does no one smell

the calming remedy

of untainted air?


the trees breath around me

the earth beats

to an primeval drum

wild grasses


soft secrets


sing in voices

too faint

for the chaotic

world to hear…

why do so few



my breathing slows

to match

the earths

eternal vibrations

muscles merge

with organic


mind stills

to whispering echoes

and I hear

the worms sing…




Earthy Connections

North Shore 2014 00u

Photo- Sharonlee


Earthy Connections


There is an earthy sacredness

in walking the land

of wandering

beyond the borders of

community coexistence

off that ribbon of tar

which stretches like an artery


vital organs/organisms/hives/tribes…

… off the know path

into the heart of the land…


And there is an earthy veneration

to know that your feet

are the only ones

to stand right there

in that spot

at those unique co-ordinates….


There is nothing quite so humbling and uplifting.


And to be a white-city-born-child

and recognize the purity of that thought

in that time

at that place

is like a bolt of light


universal oneness.



Meditation, Touching the Earth

Sparrow NSN2smll

Photo- Sharonlee

Meditation, Touching the Earth



Touching the earth

palms resting gently

on sun-warmed soil


with earthy energies…


aligning my heartbeat

 to the slow rhythmic cadence

of universal vibrations…


Breathing in time with the inhalations

of trees … for trees breathe… they breathe

more than breathe they purify…


palms pressed skin to skin with the earth

a synergy of connection

symbiotic link fusing vibrational forces

until … two are one

 enriching each other

through unity in meditation.




Zen & the Art of Visualization #1


by Sharonlee Goodhand

Poetry & Photo Sharonlee Goodhand


Zen & the Art of Visualization #1


closing eyes

a scene unfolds on mind-dark panorama

over-grown with weeds & fragrant wildflowers

a path opens up before me…

the intrusive drone of distant traffic

fades in forest echoes

fades… softer…fades… fainter…. fainter

whisperings of cool wind ripple treetops gently

caressingly fingering blushing green

as pools of sunlight stream

through filigree branches…


soft mosses glisten with sweet pure moisture

‘neath trees of regal poise

I step onto the beckoning path

no fear to where it goes

just yearning within my heart & soul

to walk a little ways

to sooth my flagging spirit

in incandescent haze…


closed eyes miss not a single sight

such profound tranquillity wrapped in an echo of sound

I let my feet slowly wander

not caring where I was bound…

willows brushed the path-edge….a delicate gentle tune

and between the lace-like branches

I glimpsed both sun and moon

star-jasmine grew in trailing vine

… and as I paused to breath the perfumed threads

tendrils wove a garland

which was placed upon my head….


on I walked with measured pace

through fragrant air that was soft & light

the haunting notes of an ancient flute

spoke of the balance of day & night

emerald shadows beckoned me

to leave the overgrown path

beckoned me to follow

the hollow echo of a distant laugh…


the way opened up before me

and closed as I passed through

no fear nor phobia plagued me…

no negativity trailed my step

I felt so strange yet oh so calm

as if I was returning home

to a place

…. I could neither remember nor forget…

and still I walked… quite boldly

the way the forest showed

lost in surreal tranquillity

enchanted by an ethereal glow…



a clearing opened around me

and in amongst tumbled stone

a waterfall danced merrily

singing for me and me alone

and in this place of whispered echoes

I knew had come home…


Poetry & Photo sharonlee©


Immersed In the Scent of a World Moist With Rain


Immersed In the Scent of a World Moist With Rain

Thoughts Drift Far and Away and Back Again

Soft visions, Rain-Kissed, Tender Memories, Warm Lips

Trans-i-ent Moments of Unity’s Bliss

 Softly…softly the rain misted to the sodden ground

soaking into the earth as if it had found

its final resting place…

a loose and lawless blast of wind

swept in

briefly billowing across my face…

 rich fragrances wafting in  muted light

moist earth, wet forest

a hint of jasmine-scented delight…

…. in the higher reaches

native trees swayed in graceful lullaby

as soft rain wept from the sky;

 vaporous gauze-like morning rain

in wispiest virgin veil

breathing in the cleansing air

I slowly… softly…. exhale….

silence echoes silence

rain whispers through the trees….

a misty moist world

murmurs  peacefully…

 a calmness settles ‘bout me

a feeling of dreamlike quietude

so silent is the moment

the air delicate and smooth….

not a soul is stirring….just the muffled morn and I

an unruffled world silenced by

 misty moments mellowed by rain

… in the ensuing silence I feel

almost sane….

 vaporous gauze-like morning rain

a calmness settles ‘bout me

silence echoes silence


just the muffled morn and me….

the trees stained

a dark shade of wood-grain

 the leaves washed dust-free


 in a still damp breeze

the land looked refreshed again

after the rain…


Mist on the mountain

A sky of grey… I wander wet paths on a rain-blessed day

Newly washed colors in vibrant hues

 Forest-glades a much loved view

Raindrops that tremble from leaf and flowers

 Silence beckons me into tranquil bowers


Butterflies hover, with elegant grace

Here I Embrace… breathing space

 rain splatter splashing on wide green leaves

rebellious the roar of tumbling seas

 the earth wafted, rich and fertile

 with the first drops of rain

 and slowly, oh so slowly

I began to feel again…


the rain gently misting


in a soft fine shroud

like a new brides

virginal lace veil…

 the morning  ambiance

seemed somehow

subdued and muted …. sounds muffled and frail…

watercolour hues

patchy sky a denim-washed

blur of blue

I paused beneath

the spreading branches

of an unknown tree

taking shelter from

a sudden shower

sighing with breathless


for Mother nature’s beauty

and her power…

unexpected pleasure

bursting with

unexpected treasures…

waterfalls that gurgled

and tumbled over stones

winding paths

that meandered on

past flowerbeds

and wetland ponds…

 once again I feel the old urge

 my gypsy feet

 long to wander

 down unknown byways

 and un-trampled highway’s…

 to feel freedom in the air

 anticipating what’s beyond

 the new horizon…