My Name is Nilrem

My Name is Nilrem


My name is Nilrem;

And my story begins in a time when Unicorns blessed the world

a time of great majik and unity with the Elements…

before the old kings all fought each other to near extinction.

I come from a time of ancient magic and soul-deep unity with the forces of nature.

I was born in a cottage on the outskirts of Carmarthen, a girl twin

born alongside a twin brother.

My earliest recollections are ones of peace and innocence

scrambling through brambles & swimming in still waters….

… exploring the surrounding woods and hills together

gazing at the endless power of star-filled skies;

Life was safe, but venturesome in the early days; we were well looked after and even loved

by the woman claiming to be our mother, but we knew

 oh yes we knew and we had spoken of it he & I;

She was not our mother, as dear as she was.

Of our father & our true mother we had no knowledge

but one or both had powerful majiks.

That we discovered ourselves and kept to ourselves.

Well do I remember how close we were, my twin and I… inseparable

thinking and doing and breathing as one.

By the time we were 12 we knew our majiks were strong;

A rumor had spread around the village of Carmarthen

that the forest and mountain and the rocky green lowlands

had an unnaturally high population of animals.

A hunting expedition was planned by the village elders

in an attempt to decrease the population.

We hid,  he and I, for 3 days and nights in the root-cellar

refusing to come forth until the murdering was done.

Blood tainted the ground and tortured were the silent cries

as creature after creature died.

We lost a lot of friends that day, creature-friends who we had aided or nursed

at one time or another, through seasons flood and famine;

The week following was a grueling one, cleaning up the mess left…

… caring for orphaned babes and helping rebuild shelters.

I cried myself to sleep every night for two weeks.

One day while we were helping a family of rabbits relocate to a safer area

we heard a horrendous thrashing in the bushes;

A deep rumbling voice bade us know no fear and out lumbered a dragon.

The dragon (whose name must never be spoken) informed us that

the elder Priests & Priestess’s, and others who protect  the Old Ways

 were impressed with our heartfelt  connection to nature.

 The dragon also told us that higher powers knew of our pure and potent majik.

our destiny had been seen in a vision, one that would see us taking separate paths.

A time of leaving came for us, we said goodbye, and for the first time in our lives

went in opposite directions.

We never saw each other again;

but as the years stretched into decades I heard of him more and more

I heard tales of his life and achievements and his failures.

Though we lived apart from each other, we both grew powerful

with knowledge and wisdom, our majiks knew no match.

He became well-known and revered and even (by some) feared in every kingdom.

His story was known by all.

My name is Nilrem

and if you can tell me who I am

 perhaps I will tell you my story.




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