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H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync

Children of the earth dwell with me in appreciation of the love that sustains and permeates all life. Lightworkers your work is done… It is time to celebrate and share the joy that flows thru your veins and rivers of life.

The most powerful way to anchor the adamantine particles of love is thru your presence… Thru your conscious awareness of BE-ing light you ground and stabilize the love into the earth grid, that hold the planetary body in form.

No rituals needed…. No lightwork or earth healing is more powerful than your aligning your heart beat with mine and syncing your breath with mine.

You are deeply loved not because of what you do but because of who you are. Just be, just love. You do not need to prove yourself to be worthy of love. Celebrating the love that you are nurtures and strengthens the love in all.

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Season’s Alchemy

Season’s Alchemy


Pernicious cold seeps in passed frosted glass

winter knocking insolently at my door

pale luminous sun has autumn on the run

as Vitiligo shadow creeping ‘cross the lawn…


an allegory to seasons changing

winter persona stark against the skyline

nature’s epochal  alchemy

turns warmth to winters’ bitter chill

shifting plates in perpetual motion

mist clinging ribbon-like to verdant hills.




 PS Now don’t get me wrong… I love winter 






Plate- A rigid layer of the Earth’s crust that is believed to drift slowly

Sleepy Sunday

Sleepy Sunday


Wandering rural  suburbia

sleepy Sunday afternoon…


… freshly cut grass

following my path

fluctuating echoes

as lawn mowers fade to silence

one by one…


Children still play in late puddles

of autumn light


to dappled warmth…

… but the day is almost spent

thin slivers of rays

offering faded light

but no warmth…


Passing the creek

birds chatter & tweet

a flurry of wings in the high canopy

setting sun flickers through

interwoven branches

with tinseled radiance …

… shadows roosting in tangled roots

as they twist along the ground…


Yards emptied

taking on an air of abandonment

as doors were closed

curtains drawn

blink… blinkblink

lights go on

in dwellis along the street

hovering fireflies

with nowhere to go…

mingling aromas of chicken baking

… curry brewing…  someone, somewhere barbecue’ing-


announce the news at 5…



Sunday Walking

wandering rural  suburbia

as a sleepy Sunday comes to a close;


Poetry & Photo – SharonleeGoodhand©27-May-14

Persistence of Morning Thoughts


Persistence of Morning Thoughts


Morning thoughts yawn from pre-dawn shadows

You know the ones…


… thoughts that immerge with the first fingers of sun

thoughts that play in your mind as the morning winds on-

– flying kites on the faintest of breeze…


… bullying our other thoughts

dancing in our daydreams

they create pandemonium

tease and taunt

with macabre delight…


They linger into afternoon thoughts

the sort

that roll over as slowly

as a sunsplashed whale…

visions slid down scattered sunrays






Clouds gather mid-afternoon, snatching the sun

and still those persistent morning thoughts invade;




Sacred Space


Sacred Space


Into the valley of the Earth

rocks cloaked in thick fluorescent moss

towering trees adorned with trailing fern…

… the only sound, a soft musical

 chuckling of running water and the pristine echo of bird-call

damp earthy richness permeated the air

decomposing humus, nourishing the soil…


Ancient vibrations

filled the valley

feminine energy

sacred cleansing…


This felt like women-space







 I could almost hear

the echo of ancient rituals

in the whisper of the leaves

in the gurgle of cleansing water

I imaged the aroma of woodsmoke and ash

fragrant branches

fanning a sacred fire…


 archaic chants

rose into the canopy


healing place

hands joined

in a forgotten women’s circle.


Poetry & Photos – SharonleeGoodhand©25-May-14

Written after visiting Cilento Park waterfall. 

The Moon’s Counsel

The Moon’s Counsel


Amid the fractured shards of reality

stolen minutes hang suspended

in amaranthine dreams


by the moon’s magic

embraced by a light

of dim and solitary loveliness

each breath inspires



in unity with the energies of the Earth…


Global whispers climb into the cosmos

candle-lit invocations  rise  up to fill the world

and I, a solitary whisperer

beneath the moon

I hear the prayers of humankind…


 Footprints trace a path across the Milky Way

weaving messages in cryptic calligraphy

I do not know what these words say

I only know they hold  a song of peace…


How sweet our dreams

when all in harmony, dream the same dream

a global vision of what could be…

… and as I bath in the moon’s magic

embraced by a light

of dim and solitary loveliness

I learn’d the language of another world.


Poetry & Photo/Art – SharonleeGoodhand©24-May-14

Inspired by Lord Byron

“… and in her starry shade

Of dim and solitary loveliness,

I learn’d the language of another world.”