Sacred Space


Sacred Space


Into the valley of the Earth

rocks cloaked in thick fluorescent moss

towering trees adorned with trailing fern…

… the only sound, a soft musical

 chuckling of running water and the pristine echo of bird-call

damp earthy richness permeated the air

decomposing humus, nourishing the soil…


Ancient vibrations

filled the valley

feminine energy

sacred cleansing…


This felt like women-space







 I could almost hear

the echo of ancient rituals

in the whisper of the leaves

in the gurgle of cleansing water

I imaged the aroma of woodsmoke and ash

fragrant branches

fanning a sacred fire…


 archaic chants

rose into the canopy


healing place

hands joined

in a forgotten women’s circle.


Poetry & Photos – SharonleeGoodhand©25-May-14

Written after visiting Cilento Park waterfall. 

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