Season’s Alchemy

Season’s Alchemy


Pernicious cold seeps in passed frosted glass

winter knocking insolently at my door

pale luminous sun has autumn on the run

as Vitiligo shadow creeping ‘cross the lawn…


an allegory to seasons changing

winter persona stark against the skyline

nature’s epochal  alchemy

turns warmth to winters’ bitter chill

shifting plates in perpetual motion

mist clinging ribbon-like to verdant hills.




 PS Now don’t get me wrong… I love winter 






Plate- A rigid layer of the Earth’s crust that is believed to drift slowly

20 thoughts on “Season’s Alchemy

  1. great use of vitiligo…and natures epochal alchemy….nice turns of phrase with the words…ha i guess i like all seasons for their own reasons…i am glad it is summer though…i love the suns kiss…

  2. I am so glad its winter on my part of the world ~ The season changing though is very fascinating ~ Enjoyed your winter knocking on the door poem, smiles ~

  3. I like ‘an allegory to seasons changing.’ Though sometimes we like one season better than another, having four seasons helps us be appreciative of the changes, I think. Plus gives us something to talk (complain) about. Smiles.

  4. I love this, the way you used the words is beautiful. It was a long winter here, and now I am glad to see the sun, our lives revolve around the shifting of the seasons, much more than we like to admit.

  5. so you’re at home on the other side of the globe, heading toward winter… i can imagine that you’re looking forward to it when it’s been so hot… enjoy

  6. Oooh nice to feel winters chill so nicely written, if only…winter where I am has been like a humid summer this year…strange change in seasons for sure. Beautifully penned.

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