Sleepy Sunday

Sleepy Sunday


Wandering rural  suburbia

sleepy Sunday afternoon…


… freshly cut grass

following my path

fluctuating echoes

as lawn mowers fade to silence

one by one…


Children still play in late puddles

of autumn light


to dappled warmth…

… but the day is almost spent

thin slivers of rays

offering faded light

but no warmth…


Passing the creek

birds chatter & tweet

a flurry of wings in the high canopy

setting sun flickers through

interwoven branches

with tinseled radiance …

… shadows roosting in tangled roots

as they twist along the ground…


Yards emptied

taking on an air of abandonment

as doors were closed

curtains drawn

blink… blinkblink

lights go on

in dwellis along the street

hovering fireflies

with nowhere to go…

mingling aromas of chicken baking

… curry brewing…  someone, somewhere barbecue’ing-


announce the news at 5…



Sunday Walking

wandering rural  suburbia

as a sleepy Sunday comes to a close;


Poetry & Photo – SharonleeGoodhand©27-May-14

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