Morning Moments – My attempt at a Haibun –


Morning Moments – My attempt at a Haibun  –


Early morning, a diffused silence permeates the air around me; I love waking early… before the sun has risen, a soft light infuses the hour… shadows still cling to shapes not yet defined … hazy silhouettes of almost spectral appearance.


Pre-dawn shadows cling

to silent shades

my special time of day


Muted sounds drift, lacking the sharpness of a day in full swing; sporadic traffic on the 5am highway some distance away carries soft echoes…. no birds yet, a gentle wind waking up palm trees and gum interspersed with mango and coconut. Each tree, each variegated leaf creating a symphony for the spirit.


Sssshhh… the wind conducts

morning  symphonies

music for the soul


Softly, slowly, the sun peaks a inquisitive eye over the mountaintop…. at first only caressing the mountain across the bay. Before long gentle fingers of warmth stroke the trees… the earth… the sleeping ocean; sounds intensify… busy highway… barely heard and not seen…. morning birds greet each other, stretching wings. Gradually the block of units wakens; coughs… a door slams… a car kicks into life. But I have had a moment, my morning moment, with the dawn twilight and am ready to face the day.




curious sun peaks quizzically

awakening morning birds

day begins with perfection



30 May., 14

12 thoughts on “Morning Moments – My attempt at a Haibun –

  1. This is a morning when we have the opportunity to rise, cleansed of everything.. you have used the haiku as kind interleaved pauses that adds a lot of depth to your notices… that I like a lot…it shows that you have written haibun before…

  2. nice….there is a soothing feel in reading this…i love the moment when the world is waking…i try to great it every day…that hush…and then the symphony….i like the composition of this as well…the linking of them in the little verses…..nicely played…

  3. oh nice.. i love mornings… and i love the mornings esp. in summer when i get on my bike to work… that is just so magical…the sounds…nature awakening… dew and magic all over… a beautiful capture

  4. One has to get up early to catch that feel of the new day. And the dawn chorus helps to make you enjoy it. Nice nature scene you sketched in both form parts.

  5. This perfectly caught the feelings I have in the early morning, my favorite time of day as well–the quiet, calm that borders on the energy of the day to come; a time to relax and prepare.


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