Weekend Ripples



PhotoArt – SharonleeGoodhand

Weekend Ripples

people watching

on a rainy afternoon


Saturday sidewalk cafe…


sparrows nest in a tree

of construction supports

cold steel to hold the roof

cyclone or sun…

… milling masses in casual attire

ordering late lunches and sticky cakes to share…


voices murmur… intermittent laughter

drifts between children and dogs scampering

‘round legs

as the rain falls in misty streamers…


 the throaty grumble of a Harley echoes

its displeasure at parking spaces and red lights

I fancy I hear it mumble for open roads and winding mountain ranges

so fondly reminiscent of younger days…


a sparrow hops by

inquiring look to eye

and I wonder, what did sparrows eat

before shopping centres and malls

supplied a continuous buffet

of pie-crumbs and sandwich crusts …


a steady stream flowed in and out

the nearby fish shop

wafting aromas of fresh fish and hot oily chips…

… amazing how many came from there

with lumpy paper wrapped bundles

grease already creating translucent maps

on off white wrapping

and then go into the adjoining liquor store-

– children tag along behind

clutching video babysitters…


more amazing

and thought provoking

to realize that

that was once my life…

… fish n chips

liquid refreshment

and weekend videos…


… I wandered home

to the rhythm of my thoughts

almost t0o preoccupied

to notice a small flock

of black cockatoos

gliding above my head…



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