Like a Manuscript in the Wind


Free Spirit

Art by Sharonlee

Like a Manuscript in the Wind



It seems my mind is not my own today

it wanders as the minutes lead to hours

scattered, like a manuscript  in the wind

an unchained melody, my soul sings…


emotion ebbs and flows… eddying and surging

reaching peaks of self-fulfilling ecstasy

plunging into maelstroms of confusion…

too dizzy to even snatch at straying thoughts

I let them meander where they choose…


disjointed emotions … co-mingling like a Roman orgy

I no longer know if my mind knows what’s going on, all feelings

and mind-images merging and uniting…. separating

completely anew… to reform, anew

… do I make sense?

I think not…


besieged I am

by insane, zany crazy thoughts…

exclamations symbols pirouette

like demented ballet dancers-

– my inner woman gleams

at innuendos not yet born

as sighs escape to infect the breeze

with hedonistic  delirium….


spinning… dizzy… into a vortex 

I whirl on waves of energy…

I cannot breathe… have lost control

scattered, like a manuscript  in the wind;



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