Immersed In the Scent of a World Moist With Rain


Immersed In the Scent of a World Moist With Rain

Thoughts Drift Far and Away and Back Again

Soft visions, Rain-Kissed, Tender Memories, Warm Lips

Trans-i-ent Moments of Unity’s Bliss

 Softly…softly the rain misted to the sodden ground

soaking into the earth as if it had found

its final resting place…

a loose and lawless blast of wind

swept in

briefly billowing across my face…

 rich fragrances wafting in  muted light

moist earth, wet forest

a hint of jasmine-scented delight…

…. in the higher reaches

native trees swayed in graceful lullaby

as soft rain wept from the sky;

 vaporous gauze-like morning rain

in wispiest virgin veil

breathing in the cleansing air

I slowly… softly…. exhale….

silence echoes silence

rain whispers through the trees….

a misty moist world

murmurs  peacefully…

 a calmness settles ‘bout me

a feeling of dreamlike quietude

so silent is the moment

the air delicate and smooth….

not a soul is stirring….just the muffled morn and I

an unruffled world silenced by

 misty moments mellowed by rain

… in the ensuing silence I feel

almost sane….

 vaporous gauze-like morning rain

a calmness settles ‘bout me

silence echoes silence


just the muffled morn and me….

the trees stained

a dark shade of wood-grain

 the leaves washed dust-free


 in a still damp breeze

the land looked refreshed again

after the rain…


Mist on the mountain

A sky of grey… I wander wet paths on a rain-blessed day

Newly washed colors in vibrant hues

 Forest-glades a much loved view

Raindrops that tremble from leaf and flowers

 Silence beckons me into tranquil bowers


Butterflies hover, with elegant grace

Here I Embrace… breathing space

 rain splatter splashing on wide green leaves

rebellious the roar of tumbling seas

 the earth wafted, rich and fertile

 with the first drops of rain

 and slowly, oh so slowly

I began to feel again…


the rain gently misting


in a soft fine shroud

like a new brides

virginal lace veil…

 the morning  ambiance

seemed somehow

subdued and muted …. sounds muffled and frail…

watercolour hues

patchy sky a denim-washed

blur of blue

I paused beneath

the spreading branches

of an unknown tree

taking shelter from

a sudden shower

sighing with breathless


for Mother nature’s beauty

and her power…

unexpected pleasure

bursting with

unexpected treasures…

waterfalls that gurgled

and tumbled over stones

winding paths

that meandered on

past flowerbeds

and wetland ponds…

 once again I feel the old urge

 my gypsy feet

 long to wander

 down unknown byways

 and un-trampled highway’s…

 to feel freedom in the air

 anticipating what’s beyond

 the new horizon…



9 thoughts on “Immersed In the Scent of a World Moist With Rain

  1. Absolutely exquisite poetry and photos! Such a treat for my heart and soul to find this piece today.

  2. Beautiful work. I feel that even small parts of what you wrote could bring me into a feeling of serenity for a long while. The whole piece you wrote could sustain me for a week! Beautiful photo work, too!
    Thanks you!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Your poem gave me such a powerful sense of peace, especially the first stanza, which is also my favourite. The photos captured perfectly the essence of nature and, along with your wonderful verses, create a flawless, delicate, pure whole. Keep up the good work! ❤

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