Thoughts Drift in Idle Wandering

Firefly Enchantment SLG

Art – Sharonlee


Thoughts Drift in Idle Wandering


Earthen path, where bare feet know no fear

tumbling sunlight warms the way…


In idle wander thoughts drift

along the leylines

ancients rhythms beat in ancient wisdom…


Soughing breeze caresses megalithic trees

standing sentinel to crumbling  cromlech

moss adorned stones and  capstone

form a portal tomb where time stands still…


Only sound moves … whispers of wind-wisdom

soft murmured tree-truisms

shuffle-dust of stirred Earth…


thoughts drift along the leylines

attuning to a vibration older than time itself

fundamental perception glides in ebb and flow

as millennia pass into obscurity…

… who will keep the words alive

and when all is said and done

who will listen?




Meditating in Earthy Auras

ButterflyBlue 02

Photo – Sharonlee


Meditating in Earthy Auras


opaque images…


melting with ecstasy

into azure emotions…

sky blue dirty dancing

with virgin white innocence

music moves to an obscure

cadence that caresses

the edges of time…

doesn’t anyone hear

the ancient song on the wind?


aromas drift in earthy traces

organic matter

blends in merging mixtures

of humus


….moist earth

wild flower fragrance – fusions

honeyed layers of

efflorescent anthesis

does no one smell

the calming remedy

of untainted air?


the trees breath around me

the earth beats

to an primeval drum

wild grasses


soft secrets


sing in voices

too faint

for the chaotic

world to hear…

why do so few



my breathing slows

to match

the earths

eternal vibrations

muscles merge

with organic


mind stills

to whispering echoes

and I hear

the worms sing…




Earthy Connections

North Shore 2014 00u

Photo- Sharonlee


Earthy Connections


There is an earthy sacredness

in walking the land

of wandering

beyond the borders of

community coexistence

off that ribbon of tar

which stretches like an artery


vital organs/organisms/hives/tribes…

… off the know path

into the heart of the land…


And there is an earthy veneration

to know that your feet

are the only ones

to stand right there

in that spot

at those unique co-ordinates….


There is nothing quite so humbling and uplifting.


And to be a white-city-born-child

and recognize the purity of that thought

in that time

at that place

is like a bolt of light


universal oneness.



Meditation, Touching the Earth

Sparrow NSN2smll

Photo- Sharonlee

Meditation, Touching the Earth



Touching the earth

palms resting gently

on sun-warmed soil


with earthy energies…


aligning my heartbeat

 to the slow rhythmic cadence

of universal vibrations…


Breathing in time with the inhalations

of trees … for trees breathe… they breathe

more than breathe they purify…


palms pressed skin to skin with the earth

a synergy of connection

symbiotic link fusing vibrational forces

until … two are one

 enriching each other

through unity in meditation.