Thoughts Drift in Idle Wandering

Firefly Enchantment SLG

Art – Sharonlee


Thoughts Drift in Idle Wandering


Earthen path, where bare feet know no fear

tumbling sunlight warms the way…


In idle wander thoughts drift

along the leylines

ancients rhythms beat in ancient wisdom…


Soughing breeze caresses megalithic trees

standing sentinel to crumbling  cromlech

moss adorned stones and  capstone

form a portal tomb where time stands still…


Only sound moves … whispers of wind-wisdom

soft murmured tree-truisms

shuffle-dust of stirred Earth…


thoughts drift along the leylines

attuning to a vibration older than time itself

fundamental perception glides in ebb and flow

as millennia pass into obscurity…

… who will keep the words alive

and when all is said and done

who will listen?




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