Moonlit Epiphany Follow my Steps (rewritten)


Moonlit Epiphany Follow my Steps (rewritten)

Soft moonlit harmony, follow my steps into tomorrow

let no dreams of despair plague my soul

shield me, from the torture of yesterday’s sorrow…


Moonbeams, surround me in a mellow glow

no longer I seek answers to questions I’ll never know

silent my footfall as I weave new dreams

wandering alone in caressing moonbeams;


I am blessed by moments that ask for no coin

Kodak moments where smiles and laughter nourish my heart

time measured not in hours or in dollars earned

 but in how a child grows, the discoveries learned

oh how the years have flown-

– my treasure their triumphs and every milestone…


Blessed too, am I, to know rainforest echoes and the mountains call

to wander unrestrained in flowing desert plains

blest times  when Nature picked me up from a fall

and reminded me, gently, to pause in each day

and give thanks for the beauty which comes my way…


Soft moonlit epiphany, follow my steps into tomorrow

time is now, it cannot be borrowed

life is now, and we can choose to embrace

all that it offers, with joyous grace.



Free Spirit

Poetry & Imagery – SharonleeGoodhand©17-Sep-15

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