Just a Few Thoughts



I read things and react, because I am human & humans, regardless of how evolved enlightened educated they may be, are emotional beings.
I react to injustice and pain and suffering of Earth Animal & fellow Human.
I react to joy love and beauty, and to achievement and triumph.
And sometimes I read things which sends my heart into hiding… replaced by a hollow ache… Mostly I do not respond to the negatives which make up daily life. The conversations at the work lunch table… a comment on a friends post…
I’ve learned to recognize certain mindsets. But they still fill me with a deep fear, that we have come so far in human evolution that we balance on a dangerous tipping point.
Which way will we plummet?
Backsliding into a dystopian existence or slipstream ahead into a freer cleaner more empathetic global community?
Sharonlee June 2019

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