Wake Me Up When the Madness Ends

Another year has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when madness ends

I tried to put my best foot forward
Tried to be the strong one
Done my best to be there for family
and friends…
… I’m weary now, my spirit aches
Wake me up when the madness ends.

Here comes the pain again
Falling from the sky
Pain from all corners of the world
And I here’s me asking why
… why has life become this way
Is this really who we are?

Another year has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when madness ends
Wake me up when madness ends

And then perhaps I’ll have the strength
To carry on, fix what’s wrong,
Wake me up when madness ends.
SharonleeGoodhand Imageweaver 2021

Heart Quivers, Rain Shivers

Tonight the rain falls soft, persistent as if
to fill the nooks and crannies of my world with sky- tears…
… listening to the muffled world beyond the lamplights glow
I feel somehow
detached from the world and all I know…

Global energies run high… I try to hide… from it all, but
once seen it cannot be unseen, once heard, it cannot be unheard
– and a life on the run, from life, reality, might suit some
But I committed and that can’t be undone;
Strange, isn’t it, how fear is louder than understanding, and
how selfinterest blusters pretentiously, in flatulent tones, whereas
empathy embraces unconditionally, in a gentle soothing hum.
Often drowned out by more belligerent forces of human nature;

Are we losing ourselves in the collective madness or are we lost within it-
– struggling to stay afloat in a sea of mass turbulence?
Is the media inciting us to live in fear not only of a global virus, but also
of our fellow human as well… suspicion of our neighbour, our grocer, our friends?
When will it end?
Is this the World Wide disaster of these times, as wars and economic depressions have been in the past?
It has been some time since the Global Community faced a crisis and conflict that could shake its very foundation.
Shake it by creating division and fear and loathing; rattle the very truths and certainties we live by. Clouding reality with deliberate lies and misinformation…

I don’t understand why having a difference of opinion need be a problem.. a fear, something to fight against- if those differing opinions are not actually criminal and morally unconscionable conduct, then will name calling and violence prove or solve anything?

Perhaps I am having a conflict of Faith: my faith in my fellow people, the cross-section of loud blustering hotheads who believe their way is the ONLY way… and subsequently drown out the healing lullabies of the faith-full and compassionate.

Don’t lose heart, I say, even as I feel my own heart quivers in sorrow. Don’t lose faith… and please, please don’t condemn the unknown… ridicule the different or belittle unfamilier beliefs.

I don’t recall being asked if I wanted to be born this colour and height, this nationality and culture.
But I do have a choice how to live it and what energy I return to the Universe.

Tonight the rain falls soft, persistent as if
to fill the nooks and crannies of my world with sky- tears…
SharonleeGoodhand 2021

I Am Yours – A Prayer to Mother Earth

Art- SharonleeGoodhand

Spirit of the Mother Earth, I feel you;

I feel your energy in the very air I breathe…

…. I feel your power in the winds rushing over land and sea

I feel your joy in each season passing in accordance with time;

I feel your sadness, I feel your sorrow…  much has been done that may never be undone;

And Mother Earth, I feel your hope… see your hope, in every rotation around the Sun

I see your hope in the Light that shines to guide us through dark & troubled times…

I see and feel your hope in hearts and eyes and minds of people who I connect with

– people of like spirit … a kindred-kind… for we seem to grow in number;

Mother Earth, as patient and enduring as you have been, please be patient a little longer

…. a little longer…. an awakening consciousness is blossoming, can you feel it? Sense it?

a new stream of consciousness flows stronger as day passes day… evolution of the spirit;

… a deep-seated desire for spiritual cohesion  is drawing together  tribes of many colors & cultures

an underlying link vibrates… stirring in souls and quickening  energy… I feel it like a natural current

racing through my blood… and I know others feel it too…

I am yours… yours to guide as you see fit… I will do all in my power to champion your cause;

I am a child of Peace… a child of this Earth… sister to all and enemy to none

 your wisdom has been my guide through times of trouble and great joy

your seasons have been the timetable that shapes my days

I am your defender, protector and advocate … your keeper & sharer of tales & truths

I am the midwife to your rebirth… handmaiden of the Earth;


Endings & Beginnings & Things that Dwell Between (Goodbye 2020)


I  tend to get somewhat reflective at years ending
not sad as such, more full-of-thoughts
and this year there is so much to reflect upon.
I feel like I have been holding my breath
and treading water for 12 months…
and wonder how this year has affected others…?
I know many are unaffected,
those who are less ‘involved’ in the bigger picture…
those who are merely irritated
because they can’t play golf
or go to theme parks or cinemas
or on their overseas holiday…
Many HAVE been affected though, some through loss of
loved ones or diminished health or
loss of work… affected by poverty homelessness or fear…
— confusion is strong in the human world at the moment…
denial of many matters is rife… doubt is high…
… I feel these emotions come to me
from many far away places
on nights when my street is sleeping
and I sit by the window in company with the stars.

And I wonder… do I do enough to help readdress the imbalance?

… … … so the journey continues…almost New Years Eve in my corner of the world…by almost I mean today is the last day of 2020 in Australia, so I thought I would share my thoughts now…

…I try to end the year with some philosophical gem…but I don’t have one…I have a lot of fears…fears for our survival as a Global Race, fears for the continued safety and stability of this One Earth of ours…I am appalled and concerned about so many issues…high on the list is the  ill-treatment of our own Global race… inequality… imbalance of social acceptance… cruelty to animals, pollution, litter and the inadequate disposal of billions of tons of garbage worldwide, added to this garbage waste this year has been tonnes of Covid related waste- disposable masks and gloves…

Can we do better as a Global Race? Being mindful of how our actions & the impact they have, affect life Earth others-  people plants & animals? Yes we can. So why do so few take this responsibility seriously?

Putting aside my fears, I am also filled with admiration gratitude and respect for the many who ‘keep the candle burning’… who shine a light on every discordant moment and bring a ray of hope & healing in seemingly dark hours… thank goodness for them, the candle-holders, the light-bringers… the helpers and healers.
And how blessed am I to know so many exist amongst my family and friends, even when they don’t recognise the light that they are!

I wonder, as I do every new year…could this be the year that promises to hold the changes I have been yearning for… will unrealized dreams see fruition? Will I find that elusive “something”
I know I’ve been looking for?

I would like to say,  it’s an honour to know you all and thank you all for the connection and shared strengths, the talks and support and all the memories we made in 2020. Wishing you good health, peace and contentment for the new year, filled with inspiration and many reasons to celebrate and grow.
Remember, each and every one of you has so much potential already existing within you, we are all capable of creating monumental changes and seeing the fulfillment of our dreams & desires. You are all strong & vibrant, filled with beauty & light, just believe in yourself and watch life blossom.

Wishing you all a Fulfilling & Fruitful New Year

Peace & Bright Blessings, Sharonlee


Letting go

Letting go of yesterday
releasing tarnished dreams
fantasy is all well and good
but nothing is as it seems…
reality is here to stay
like it or like it not, life is for living
I’m told we only get one shot…

but what are these strange visions
that softly softly dwell
so deeply inside me
showing me places I cannot tell…

woodsmoke spirals in fragrant drifts
into a earthy scene
is this past life
… or simply a vague and unreal dream…

I hear the drums… echo
and feel them vibrate in my very soul
an ancient beating cadence
that belongs to days of old…
a pattering of feet
dance with a freedom I’ve never known
and I feel so certain this place was once my home…

rippling voices sing  in poetic measure
of seasons past and yet to come
of earthy untainted treasure…
of sunsets
and sun rises
of stars that shine in an endless sky
of the rivers’ chuckling song
and the passage  of the moon as it sails…

barefoot children  squeal with uncontained delight
they have no  worldly worries
and do not fear the night…

letting go…..of yesterday
releasing tarnished dreams
fantasy is all well and good
but nothing is as it seems…
but what are these strange visions
that softly softly dwell
so deep inside me
…. showing me places I cannot tell…
and yet
these are the places
I seem to know so well;