5 thoughts on “Too Much Truth for Facebook

  1. While my husband was with me longer, and my time in this solitary state has been nowhere near as long as yours, I still can understand the emotions here. You wonder why, some find another immediately while others are left to trek alone. You have a beautiful soul, one would be blessed to be able to dance with you and they may yet.

    • Thank you so much for the understanding thoughts Rebecca… when my husband passed we were raising 4 children 10 and under… my sole focus became them, I think in many ways the solitary path was pre-destined, I didn’t have the time or energy for ‘dating’ … and now, well it’s just been so long.

  2. I’m sorry you lost him young. I was engaged for a short time, but Viet Nam ended that dream. He died in that famous valley from friendly fire. I was only 26. William and I planned a simple farm life. He’d farm and I’d write. Well, I write. They did find his bones and dog tag for his mother. She offered it to me, but I felt she needed it more.
    I hope you feel better soon.

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