Feed the Soul & Free the Spirit

Writer Poet Artist Photographer Wanderer… A gypsy childhood travelling the Australian outback instilled in me a deep love of Nature and the elements and continues to feed my soul and inspire my creative passions. I have called the Sunshine Coast (Queensland Australia) home for the last 30 years; the diversity and natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast offers a close affinity with Nature which inspires most of my poetry art and photography; I hope that I imbue my pieces with a sense of spiritual freedom and in the healing powers to be found within the natural world. Peace To All

Motion Art – Sharonlee Goodhand Imageweaver

Free Spirit

Crown of Flowers, for Your Hair

She’ll greet you with bare-foot smiles

offer you tea made from chamomile

air fragranced with candles & incense

she may be slightly eccentric

but her heart is immense…

she wears long dresses that sweep the ground

and listens to the spoken word

of Leonard Cohen in surround-sound…

crystals dance in window-sun

as she dances to the rhythm of the day

once you are there, she’ll welcome you

to you stay…

she smells of Ylang Ylang or Jasmine

depending on her frame of mind

… spending a day with her

is like forgetting all about time…

she’ll introduce you to her world

nature’s peace she will share…

she’ll teach you of the seasons powers

and weave a crown of flowers f

or your hair…


Firefly Enchantment SLG DSC04001 Who Are You

10 thoughts on “About

    • So true and we have vast oceans surrounding us here.

      Its the same as standing as a solitary wanderer in the middle of the The Great Victoria Desert, over 700 kilometres (430 mi) wide, with an area of 348,750 square kilometres.

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