Seeped in Magic

There is an old deep magic in this forest
which has seeped into my bones
becoming one with roots
that reach to
embrace this Earth with tenderness…
… a deep old magic which resonates
through my blood and recognises
the kindred sacredness
in the beating of my heart;

The energy is pure and palpable
embracing growing trees and rich earth soaking
in moisture which nurtures
the lines of my blood, making me weep
with gratitude for all that holds sway
in the stillness of deep old places …
… the shadows echo and whisper
echoes whisper of wisdom and nature
which resonates through my blood
and recognises the kindred sacredness in my soul

As we transcend the unconscious
and as we transcend the ego
and as we transcend the chaos
to a place of deep inner understanding
We will find a place in our hearts
where we will know the truth of our own heartbeat
And we know we are home
in the deep old magic of the forest.
Poetry and Art Sharonlee Goodhand Imageweaver 2021

Sacred Space


Sacred Space


Into the valley of the Earth

rocks cloaked in thick fluorescent moss

towering trees adorned with trailing fern…

… the only sound, a soft musical

 chuckling of running water and the pristine echo of bird-call

damp earthy richness permeated the air

decomposing humus, nourishing the soil…


Ancient vibrations

filled the valley

feminine energy

sacred cleansing…


This felt like women-space







 I could almost hear

the echo of ancient rituals

in the whisper of the leaves

in the gurgle of cleansing water

I imaged the aroma of woodsmoke and ash

fragrant branches

fanning a sacred fire…


 archaic chants

rose into the canopy


healing place

hands joined

in a forgotten women’s circle.


Poetry & Photos – SharonleeGoodhand©25-May-14

Written after visiting Cilento Park waterfall.