Winter-Born Moments

Self Portrait PhotoArt by Sharonlee

Self Portrait PhotoArt by Sharonlee


Winter-Born Moments


How sweet it is… to sit in winter sun

let thoughts delicious, drift with the fragrance of the day

birds sing in mist-risen melody, of Nature’s grace

voicing their appreciation of Nature’s way…

I lost myself, as I often do, in inner thought

allowing my eyes to feast on mottled shade

naked branches of the sleeping frangipani

crisscrossing dark shadow-limbs on moss- speckled grass…


Pearl-hued clouds drifted in, devouring the sun

sky turning a thousand shades of grey

a mischievous breeze wafted across my face

temperature plunging in sudden freefall…

… I rose, small shivers shook my body

as I returned inside…


Coffee cools too fast in winter…

and one hand aches with cold as I pound the keyboard

one finger flying with rapid flow

typing as the thoughts tumble and spill

and lock themselves behind inner doors…

… the other hand lay warm & snug

bedded between crossed legs;


A mantle of cloud lay across the sun

a cold dampness invades the bones

a good day for a ‘blanket-day’

… if only I wasn’t alone.



5 thoughts on “Winter-Born Moments

  1. Exquisite! Great to see you and read your work once again. Love and Greetings from Southern California.

      • Still looking forward to that cup of coffee with you. I just today “revived” my WordPress page and was thrilled to find your new piece. (((HUGS))) to you too.

      • I’ve been reviving my old wordpress too… I’m using it more just recently… hope to start blogophilia again and hope I can post my blogo’s here. I’m very adverse to FB these days.

      • I guess our minds are on a similar wave length. I hope you do begin Blogophilia again. I’ve missed you there. CPC has also recently started up again on FBk. I know there are some Blogophilia pieces posted here on WordPress. I’ve also been having short-poetry fun on Twitter.

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