I Fear No Darkness


I Fear No Darkness


It all began with a rusty iron key;

– adventures have been propelled into action

by lesser things….

And this was no ordinary key

I knew that from the moment I first laid eyes on it.


Despite the rust the key glittered in places…

flecks of shiny iron glinted through

were the rust flaked off….

… an intricate wire plait looped through the end of the key-

and fastened to the end of the plaited wire was a small green mirror.


I felt a moment of trepidation… was this a mystical mirror?

Dare I look upon the reflective surface?

Destiny holds shadows when you fear

and I had no desire to linger in flawed shadows….

… and so I looked… deep into the mirror

and what I saw was not what I expected

I had expected some decayed reflection of myself

                         but found instead a trail which lead off into vast distances-

– trees gathered by the wayside, a breeze trembled through rustling branches.

The far horizon dotted with a line of Pyramids

beyond which a blazing sun rippled with sporadic Solar flares….

spirals of smoke curled out from the sun like Medusa-hair

There can be smoke without fire, you know;


How long I gazed into the mirror I could not say

it seemed day passed into night and back to day

and when I finally tore my gaze from the mirror

I was not where I thought I should be-

– I was on that path, bathed in a heat so intense I could hardly breathe…

I stood on a golden step that lead down onto the path itself

behind me lay a darkness thick and foreboding

and it would seem my adventure lay ahead…


Even more so peculiar was my attire

for I was dressed in clothes of another time

a staff adorned with feathers in one hand

the key still gripped in the other-

–  A pouch of herbs and a dagger were attached to my belt…

… I felt prepared for a journey and a quick glance into the mirror

suggested the same, for I saw invisible feet leave a trail along the path

and knew (don’t ask me how) but I knew those foot prints were mine;


I walked a ways, not really knowing my destination

knowing only that it would be revealed to me on the journey…

… so I walked, enchanted by the trees who sang of a far-off Shangri-la-

– they were good company, those ancient trees

each one whispered tales of the mystical nirvana at the end of the trail

a place of complete bliss and delight and peace

only… troubled times had fallen on the temple there

so sang the trees… the priestess’s  were ill

of unknown causes

and only I could help, for all others had failed…


… I paled upon hearing this… my footsteps faltered

I could not save a temple of ailing priestesses  

I was no healer… I was simply- me…

Have faith! cried the trees…

you must, you must in your own power trust…


But I don’t have a cure for what ails the temple priestesses I moaned

I am set to fail as all else failed…

No! The trees urged, already you travel further than those before

– a little further and all will be revealed…

have faith… have faith…


The trailed seemed endless… I felt no closer despite my steps

the trees all looked the same and I’m sure the darkness followed me…

have faith, the trees whispered, have faith…

no one has made it this far… all gave up and gave in- to the darkness

do not stop until you come to the Mother Of All Trees

for she has a gift for you…

And so on I walked, on and on, even though it felt like I made no progress;


I dare not rest… who was I to falter when others needed my aid…

on and on, that insidious darkness always lurking behind

I fear no darkness, I declared recklessly… I FEAR NO DARKNESS

this litany I repeated to myself over and over

fervently…. mantra-like … I fear no darkness


You are here, whispered a soft warm voice… where all else have failed

you are here… look behind you—the darkness fears you!

It was the Mother of All Trees who spoke and she was right….

… the darkness had retreated to the far distance

and I had made it to the line of pyramids

which guarded the entrance into the Temple of Shangri-la;

Mother of All Trees curved her branches around me in soothing embrace

dropping into my hands amber resin toffees….


Inside these toffees, there is medicine, the Mother of Trees said

your journey is almost over;

you must place one toffee in the mouth of each priestess

and then you must quickly leave… do not wait to see the result of your labors

trust that what you do is the right course of action.

Return to me and I will see you safely home…

I walked on… between two towering pyramids and on to the temple beyond;

once there I did as the Mother had instructed

pausing only briefly to gaze in awe at the supine priestesses….

and then I returned, wearily, to the Mother of Trees;

Have I been successful, Mother, I asked

you must believe you have child, faith, trust in your faith.

Now come, rest on this bed of soft grasses around my roots

I will watch over you.



I don’t recall falling asleep… I don’t recall dreaming

but when I woke I found myself nestled in the soft grasses

that grew around the roots of my favorite tree

by my favorite river-

– in my hand I held a rusted iron key

and an amber resin-like toffee.




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Then The Silence Fell


Then The Silence Fell


You don’t talk with me anymore-

– we were friends once upon a time

discussed the fate of the world

in midnights moving with the flow

of our shared thoughts…

… soul-friends, I thought

spiritually connected through the eons, you said-

– was it merely a game?


We spoke of love in all its ardent subtleties

nuances in pastel shades, why did they fade to grey?

And in the process, so too friendship faded.


Then the silence fell;


How dense that fog of silence now!

I sometimes hear your voice

etched in words of sorrow for this Earth we both love…

… was it not that love which brought us together

poetic passion capturing love of Earth and

lyrics of emotive turn?


And yet you melted into the silence

voicelessly relinquishing  the varied loves we shared-

–  such echoes fill my midnights now

the hopes we fostered… global healing we aspired  …

love of life and each other, love of Earth and dirt and things growing;


Silence- like a death of precious moments…

… do you think of me still?

Are you happy… fulfilled….

– or am I too late to say… I miss you

in midnights that once flowed

with the rhythm of  our shared thoughts;



Universal Matrix



Universal Matrix


This is your world.

 Shape it or someone else will


Find your corner, create

an invisible bubble

of Peace and Love and Universal Prayer


Embrace the essence of Empathy

releasing vibrations of strength and healing

into the Global matrix


Nurture the textured layers

of nature’s diversity

Spring flowers serenade

the passing of Winter

Winter welcomes

gypsy magenta-sienna shades

of Autumn’s end…

… Summer bursts with

riotous hues of life…

… nurture your corner

let it grow wild, untamed, and spill

into the no-man’s land

that boarders it –

– scatter seeds of a truth worth


and foster a love born from the poetry

of the soul…


This is your world.

 Shape it or someone else will –

– find your corner, create

an invisible bubble

idyll glow of green and healing dreams

feed your soul and nourish the Universal Matrix.


Poetry & Images- SharonleeGoodhand©19-Aug-14


This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.”

– Gary Lew





Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I have immortal longings in me

amaranthine dreams of imaginary hue

not for velveteen desires of wealth and glory

for that is someone else’s path & story…

My dreams are less grandiose

but no less passionate-

– live as life teaches me to live

and leave behind no cross to be borne

by future geneses …

How noiseless falls the foot of time

when each day is a miniature eternity

I clothe my longings in beads and bells

draped in layers of tie-dyed organdie-

I wear no mask, even though all of life is a masquerade …

No legacy do I leave… but thoughts of time-won wisdom

imagery in chronicle of these times

insights of an ordinary woman

a hero among heroes … for all are day-by-day heroes

on this helter-skelter timeline…

I love not Man, nor woman, the less…. but Nature more so

realigning my center  where the liquid lapse of murmuring streams

soothes my soul and feeds my dreams…

… in those times reality bears a weight to crush the strongest spirit

I linger in amaranthine dreams of imaginary hue –

– and feel immortal longings stirring in me.



Inspiration drawn upon-

I love not Man the less, but Nature more. (Byron : Childe Harold)

Liquid lapse of murmuring streams. (Paradise Lost : 8 – 263)

A day is miniature eternity. (Emerson: Journals)

How noiseless falls the foot of time. (W. R. Spencer)

I have immortal longings in me. (Antony & Cleopatra)

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. (Pope)

amaranthine – Of an imaginary flower that never fades- unfading – immortal

geneses – generations – A coming into being




Frozen in Time…

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Art & Poetry by Sharonlee

Art & Poetry by Sharonlee

Frozen in Time…

The year where time froze…

… to us, decedents of  “The Reclaimed”

we know it as the year where time froze all earthlings

froze animals… suspended animation

where no clocks ticked…

and only the Earth Herself breathed…

How long Earth stayed like this is unsure-

– but it was visited… many times…

ethereal visitors

whose power, energy & interest surpassed anything seen on Earth…

Where these visitors trod, plants flourished

trees grew… vegetables sprouted, flowered, fruited,

in fast-forward-slow-motion…

… a wave of their iridescent fingers

and it rained… watered the soil

filled rivers… cleansed country & city alike…

But the main focus of the visitor’s passion was not the Earth

they knew that Earth would survive and flourish

if not hindered… but it could bloom into a Nirvana of Peace & Beauty

if only… if only the earthlings thought-process were rewired…

Energy Cleansing, the visitors called it, and took it upon themselves

to cleanse the entire human race…

… the task was a mammoth one, but the Visitors did not falter in their vision;

The Energy Cleansers planted a Universal Seed deep within

the very Soul Vibration of every human … it grew and resonated

with every other Seed planted

in man woman & child, regardless of race, creed, gender or age.

They cleansed the threads of Humanity… Empathy, Understanding, Love, Unity…

rerouting energy pathways to heal and grow where most needed…

… they donated their own reserves… nanobots of their own energy

Tirelessly they worked to heal the depleted Energy of the earthlings

to rebalance the symmetry of the lay lines

repair the network of vibrational sources…

… and then the Energy Cleansers took their leave

and the people of Earth woke up…


At first the “The Reclaimed” felt no different-

– most didn’t even realize there had been a lapse in time…

… but  many did and as days, weeks, seasons passed, Humanity woke up

connections were made… voices were heard

realizations burst into awareness… and a new race began to emerge.


The Visitors observed for a few years… silent, unseen

they watched the events taking place on Earth;

It took less energy to cleanse them this time, one remarked…

perhaps we won’t need to return again.