Then The Silence Fell


Then The Silence Fell


You don’t talk with me anymore-

– we were friends once upon a time

discussed the fate of the world

in midnights moving with the flow

of our shared thoughts…

… soul-friends, I thought

spiritually connected through the eons, you said-

– was it merely a game?


We spoke of love in all its ardent subtleties

nuances in pastel shades, why did they fade to grey?

And in the process, so too friendship faded.


Then the silence fell;


How dense that fog of silence now!

I sometimes hear your voice

etched in words of sorrow for this Earth we both love…

… was it not that love which brought us together

poetic passion capturing love of Earth and

lyrics of emotive turn?


And yet you melted into the silence

voicelessly relinquishing  the varied loves we shared-

–  such echoes fill my midnights now

the hopes we fostered… global healing we aspired  …

love of life and each other, love of Earth and dirt and things growing;


Silence- like a death of precious moments…

… do you think of me still?

Are you happy… fulfilled….

– or am I too late to say… I miss you

in midnights that once flowed

with the rhythm of  our shared thoughts;



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