An Echo in Time



An echo in time, that is all she was…
… but one day so much more happened
that she knew that echo ripples through all time…
… and so does everyones;
Winter still clung to the edges of Spring
early mornings infused with threads of chill mist
nights cold enough still to warrant cuddles by the fire
– ahhh… but she lived alone, so a fluffy blanket it was;

That mist drenched morn in early spring she woke before the birds
even earlier then is her norm… the sky seemed torn and tattered
with iridescent silver clouds that streaked across the dark grey sky
an eeriness saturated the hour, as if an unknown energy percolated
in the heavens…

Shifting shapes moved unseen within cloudscapes… she strained her eyes
but could not make out what was stirring
she stood at the threshold of dawn wondering
if this was some hitherto unknown atmospheric phenomenon
when a shape began to emerge from the cloud cover –
– a hot air balloon… but not just any balloon decked in gaudy colors, no
this one looked as if it had just floated from the pages
of a Jules Verne novel!

Mesmerized, she watched as the balloon drifted on chill breezes
coming closer, growing bigger
until it loomed above her head in early morning shadows…
… a rope ladder un-tumbled, landing not far from where she stood
from the bottom rung of the ladder hung a note
‘My Lady, You Are Invited On an Adventure of Great Importance, Please Climb Aboard’

Butterflies waltzed in her belly, for a moment she felt a little sick
excitement and apprehension churned and burned and threatened to
rise up into her throat…
she hesitated… knowing full well that in hesitation moments are lost
then came a warm/worried/kindly voice from above-
– My Lady… Poet-Seer… your presence is needed…
And trembling as she’s never trembled before
she put a foot upon the first rung of the rope ladder…

You’ll need this- the hand belonging to the voice passed her a coat
his back to her, fiddling with gadgets and controls
and before she even donned the coat, the ground was far below them
and she was drifting in iridescent clouds with a perfect stranger, obscured from the world and all who lay below;
The gentleman before her was somewhat peculiar in dress;
What was I was expecting, she thought to herself in that moment, top hat & tails, perhaps?
This gentleman wore a green beanie on his head, out from which hung
long hair in a shimmering array of colors, all the colors human hair could be; his coat covered his entire body, made of the same material as the one she now wore, a thick soft woolly material of some kind and certainly warm
and when he finally turned around to flash her a brilliant smile
she damn near fell into forever at the sparkle in his clear blue-grey eyes;

My Lady, he smiled bowing his head slightly, but not lowering those eyes from her face
you are everything I was expecting… your soul-vibration rings true
there are a few in this time period, in comparison to global population
whose soul-tone vibrates with such clarity
and you are one;

I… but… I … words failed her, which was not unusual for her at all.

Firstly, let me introduce myself, again that twinkle, that engaging smile
I am Talisman, Explorer, Inventor, Time Traveler
and I have much to show you…
he shook her hand between his two large warm hands, smiling still
And you are one of the Poet-Seer’s of this time and the Universe thanks you
and your kind for the words of wisdom you pen and the prayers you offer;

I… but… again she stammered and stumbled feeling completely out of her depth
and yet, completely at home…
Please, Talisman rushed on, let me explain…
you know the tale of Christmas past?
Where the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come visit old Ebeneezer
to teach him some valuable lessons…?

She nodded.

Well, Talisman continued, this is a bit like that, but not;
to start with, you need learn no lesson as such, and this is not about Christmas…
I am here to show you what would happen to the world if you and your kind
the poet souls, the seers, the healers, light workers, mediators
lost faith and stopped doing what they do –
– sending out their soul vibrations.
And as such, there are two parts to this adventure
the good and the bad;
it’s up to you where we go first…
And here he paused, and looked at her expectantly.

Well, she ventured, still somewhat dazed, I always try to end every day on a good note…

So be it; Talisman nodded, turning a dial which spun the great balloon left of its current path;
you will not like what you see, but see it you must.

They began to descend rapidly, so rapidly the Poet-Seer feared crashing into trees and said as much…
Talisman shook his head, sadness tinging his eyes, there are very few trees in this reality
and none of the majestic heights that you have witnessed…

This reality? She echoed.

Talisman waved a hand over the edge of the balloon’s basket, indicating she should look below; she felt sad energy permeating all around, so invasive it was difficult to breathe.
At first all she saw was pale grey cloud… which gave way to choking
smoke clearing in places, allowing her to see below… they were much closer to ground than she had thought and what she saw sucked her breath away, heart beating fiercely in her breast.
Chaos… destruction… fires… people huddled in makeshift dwellings…
there were no trees… there was no green… oceans were thick and muddied,
littered with bodies and debris;
palpable vibrations rose heavy with despair and sickness,
sickness of Mind Body and Soul;
sickness of Earth Air and Ocean and Water.

I don’t understand, she wept, hot tears tearing at her eyes, what… why…?
As she looked a group of people armed with crudely made
implements of harm
beat their way through another group, robbing them of their meager belongings…
chaos and debauchery everywhere she looked.
As far as the balloon drifted, sadness and ruin, chaos and sickness.

And finally, she could look no more… sinking to the floor of the basket
she found her lips forming the words
to a healing prayer she was fond of sharing with the Universe…
she felt Talismans hand clasp her shaking shoulders,
your prayers are too late here, he said
Where am I? Am I down there? She demanded, why am I not doing something?

This is after your time; but you gave up, Talisman informed her, you and your kind felt the task insurmountable you felt worn out and gave up;

I would never! she yelled at him
You did, was all he said
and she wept until she could not breathe;

It was some time before she became aware of her immediate surroundings again…
The gentle movement of the balloon, the silence, the absence of volatile energies;
She was curled up on the floor of the balloon, covered with a warm blanket.

I’m sorry I had to do that to you, Talisman’s voice was colored with guilt and sadness.
You did what you had to do, she replied; her throat was swollen and
her eyes felt as if someone had thrown acid into them.
I can’t believe I gave up.

Not just you, all of your kind, all the poet-seer’s, healers, light workers
one by one you all gave up; some hid in the hills until they died
but all removed themselves, one way or another, from society,
shielding themselves from the onslaught of pain and negativity.
Talisman looked at her with genuine kindness and love in his clear blue-grey eyes; You and your friends held on the longest, he said admiration flaring in his eyes. He held out a hand to help her to her feet…
… we are almost there, he said.

Where, she whispered, half in fear, half in hope.

The future where you didn’t give up, Talisman indicated for her to look for herself.

And again she nearly wept until she couldn’t breathe… but this time the reason was completely different.
As far as the eye could see, green and growing things… tall trees and young trees and creatures of all kind.
Modest dwellings all grew food and harnessed rainwater… neighbors shared baskets of goods as a calmness imbued the Earth as far as her far-gazing energy could reach.
She noticed children gathered under tree’s, listening to elder-speak…
the air was clear and fresh and lively and the vibrations emanating from below were clear and fresh and lively too, imbued with clarity and love.

She looked at Talisman.
How? she asked through tears of relief.

You are an echo, he said and every positive healing word you write, every ritual you perform
every energy you send out into the Universe does make a difference. Please don’t give up.
You and your kind matter more than you may realize.

An echo in time, that is all she is…
… but one day so much more happened
that she knew that echoes ripple through all time…
… and so do yours;


4 thoughts on “An Echo in Time

  1. Dear SharonLee. This is amazing. I love the quiet places where we can think and we can talk to nature. Thank you for sharing the wonderful words and thoughts.

    • Hello John and many thanks for reading & reblogging… I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, I don’t often find my own work moves me deeply, more releases me or something. … however this one, this one moves me in many ways. I really feel I accomplished something in the process of writing it.
      How’s life? Full of living, I hope.

      • You create a wonderful poem and you are welcome. I am fine, enjoying the days of Summer with the grandchildren. I hope you are doing well, have some fun and enjoying life.

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